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Treatment Types

Dr. Mason and The Mind Spa use credited methods to help patients deconstruct negative thought patterns and adopt new ones that will help them achieve optimal mental fitness.


Method used to increase self-awareness, identify personal treatment goals and learn strategies to reframe and manage one’s life’s challenges.
Services are available on an individual, marital or group setting



Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

CBT is a highly effective method in which patients become aware of negative thought patterns and adopt new ways of thinking that contribute to gaining control over mood disorders (i.e. anxiety, depression, PTSD etc.).



Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy

MBCT is helpful for those struggling with emotional disturbances, relationship conflicts etc. Patient learn show to incorporate mindfulness into their routines to manage stressors and emotions. This technique can be carried and used beyond the therapy session.



Psychological Assessments for school programs (such as gifted) are done using a clinical interview method with the goal of clarifying a behavioral and/or emotional diagnosis.

Testing can involve an intellectual and/or neuro-physical assessment Testing evaluates memory capacity, functioning (i.e. attention span, problem solving, processing and impulse) and reasoning skills.

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