Managing Election Anxiety

At this time, we are close to finding out the results of this year’s Presidential election. And, whatever side of the aisle you may fall on, it is common to be experiencing some form of election anxiety.

In this article, Dr. Mason highlights 5 ways you and your family can manage and reduce election anxiety for your mental wellness.

1) Set Boundaries

Staying informed is essential as long as it doesn’t come at the expense of your mental health. As your mental health professionals, we encourage you to establish a healthy relationship with your media consumption and to set boundaries when needed.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the news cycle at any point in time, feel free to give yourself permission to disengage for however long you need to reestablish peace of mind.   

2) Stay Active & Nourished

It is very easy to let your wellness routine fall by the wayside during stressful times. However, this is the time your body needs nourishment the most. Getting outside and enjoying fresh air can instantly uplift your sense of well-being. As well as consuming foods that are rich in nutrients can give your body the energy it needs to combat stress.

3) Take Breaks

When your mind and body are experiencing anxiety, it can become difficult to complete tasks. If you feel like accomplishing your daily tasks and work is much more challenging than usual, do not be afraid to take breaks. Taking just 5 minutes to walk around and stretch or call a friend can reduce mental stress.

4) Talk to Someone

Here at The Mind Spa, we can never stress talking to a mental health professional enough. Speaking to an unbiased health professional about anxiety and daily stressors can alleviate the weight you may be feeling during this time. With many options available, you can always book a telehealth session.  

5) Go Easy

If you are experiencing election anxiety, sitting still may be the hardest thing to do. It is natural to want to accomplish more during a heightened state. If you voted, feel good about your decision and know that you did your part to participate in our democracy.

For more information on the mind spa, visit our website here, and feel free to share these tips with a friend!