CBT Therapy – A Mindful Approach to Anxiety

Whether it’s due to an upcoming exam, prospective job promotion, or major life change - we’ve all experienced some form of unease coupled with sweaty hands and a quickened heartbeat.  
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Boy discussing his anxiety and depression symptoms with his mental health counselor

Is it Anxiety or Depression? Recognizing Early Signs 

When it comes to experiencing complex emotions, know you are not alone. Nearly 10% of adults in the United States experience a major depressive episode yearly, and almost 20% experience generalized anxiety disorder. Because of overlapping symptoms, it may be easy to confuse these two disorders.  
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Group of women doing yoga to improve their emotional well-being

3 Ways to Support your Emotional Well-being In 2023

Emotional well-being is a concept that is often misunderstood in our society today. One common misconception is that emotional wellness is only reflected through positive feelings or the state of “being happy.” While another is that emotions only affect our brains and not necessarily our bodies or our health. Both are inaccurate assumptions.  
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